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40 questions «Education in French first language »

In order to provide an additional resource for parents, FPFA created a bank of 40 questions and answers on education in French. It is an additional resource for parents and supports them in their parenting role. The question bank offers several distinct themes, such as French culture, francophone schools and the use of French at home.

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Cultivating a Francophone Identity

In order to construct a strong francophone identity and a sense of belonging in relation to the language and culture, la Fédération des parents francophones de l’Alberta produced 4 tools to help French families and Bilingual Families.


ConneXion is a single-copy magazine published to assist families in their cross-linguistic journey.

In it, you will find several very specific sections to guide you in your role as a parent, while ensuring that the identities of each spouse are not lost in the education of the child. The publication really places emphasis on the fact that it is not necessary that one parent give up part of his identity and that the child will benefit greatly from the mixture of cultures at home. Among other things, the subjects discussed address the reasons why it is advantageous to enroll a child in a francophone school, as well as what can be done to assist cross-linguistic families. It responds simply and accurately to many key questions being posed by parents.

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Voir Grand Petit à Petit

It is sometimes difficult to build a child’s francophone identity when a family lives in an environment where the majority language is English. It is even more so when one parent is himself English-speaking and the language quickly takes over in the home. Considering this state of affairs, it is even more laborious to transmit the culture to our offspring and to ensure that our children can soak up the French culture.

This bilingual guide, published in French and English, is designed mainly for cross-linguistic families wishing to promote bilingualism in their children aged 0-5 years.

It includes practical ideas to promote language development in children, help them construct their identity and prepare for their entry into a francophone school.

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