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Resources for families of children with special needs

Family Guidance – Pedagogical Support Agents

The SSG is committed to supporting and accompanying its families through the process of opening a file in order to obtain the financing required to have access to a support agent for a child with special needs.

If your child attends one of the following educational services, please contact Noëlla Iriho at pedagogie@cepp.info

  • CEPP Gabrielle-Roy
  • CEPP À La Découverte
  • CEPP À L’Aventure
  • CEPP La Mission
  • CEPP Ste-Jeanne-d’Arc
  • CEPP Père-Lacombe
  • CEPP Notre-Dame

If your child attends one of the following educational services, please contact Agnès La at horizon.soutien@fpfa.ab.ca

  • CEPP La Belle Nature
  • La Bicyclette
  • Le Pays des Jeux
  • Les Petits Explorateurs
  • La SPEF de Canmore
  • Les Petits Cailloux
  • Les P’tits Trésors
  • L’Étoile Boréale

Resources Available for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Excerpt from our Policy on the Inclusion of Children with Special Needs:

“The centre wishes to offer the best support possible to children with special needs and their families. Inclusion is an important value for our centres. It promotes equal opportunities and offers a stimulating environment that is adapted for the child with special needs as well as their family.

The integration of a child with special needs makes the group more sensitive and allows them to develop a greater openness to the particularities and uniqueness of everyone. All children have the right to a quality child care service. A child presenting special needs, like any person, is a unique being; their particular needs simply constitute a personal characteristic.”

ICC (Inclusive Child Care)

The provincial ICC program was elaborated to provide inclusive and accessible services for educational family day homes throughout the province.

The ICC program helps educational services and educators to reinforce their capacity and confidence to include children who require additional support, increase families’ access to inclusive childcare services and prevent the exclusion or withdrawal of those children.

The program is implemented by organisations providing professionals with knowledge and expertise in matters of learning and inclusion of children with special needs. These organisations use practices from the Pyramid model and other approaches by offering tools that allow educators to build and reinforce their competencies based on the needs of the group.

ICC provides a range of resources and intensive and short term support, notably:

      • Access to on-site consultations, to support the improvement of the quality of the service by suggesting individualised strategies;
      • Training and professional development accompanied by mentorship to promote the reinforcement of capacities regarding inclusive practices;
      • Access to financing for resources and support for short term engagement in order to build and reinforce the development of knowledge and competencies.

For more information, please consult the link below:

Family Supports for Children with Disabilities (FSCD)

With the introduction of the Inclusive Child Care (ICC) program, the cost of a support educator in an educational childcare service passes from the previous Supported Child Care (SCC) program to the Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) program.

Within FSCD, the cost of a support educator is evaluated and represented in a family’s FSCD agreement.

The following base criteria must be respected:

  • FSCD has determined that the child is eligible and that the family needs to get involved with the FSCD program (open file); and
  • The parent(s) has(have) an active agreement with the FSCD.

Specifics regarding support within the child’s educational environment:

  • The parent is at work, in school, or in training;
  • Additional support and supervision are necessary, taking into account the functional profile of the child, to ensure their security and inclusion in the centre’s activities.

Responsibilities of the parent:

  • Opening a file with FSCD via the following link: https://www.alberta.ca/fscd-how-to-apply.aspx
  • Obtain a letter or report from a health professional who has diagnosed the child. It may be written by, or on behalf of:
    • A doctor or psychiatrist
    • Kinesiotherapist or ergotherapist, an orthophonist or an audiologist
    • Clinical social worker or psychologist

For more information, please consult the link below:

Subsidies for Families

Please see below the available subsidies for families in Alberta. Please click on a link to learn more.


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