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Pedagogical Support Agent

The pedagogical support agent (PSA) is an employee of the SSG. They work from the central office as support for several services across Alberta. Collaboration between the agents of the FPFA’s support service, the coordinators, and the centres is the key to improving our services.

The PSA must have a good sense of development, which is to say they must be able to organize projects as well as anticipate their long-term impacts and benefits. This aptitude allows for the evolution of the quality of the personalised service we offer to respond to our collaborators’ needs.

One of the responsibilities of the PSA is to accompany and support teams of educators in their roles with the children in all that concerns educational practices, pedagogy, space layout and organisation, and children with special needs. Their mandate is to shape and accompany educators through daily challenges in the goal of offering families a high quality service.

Another responsibility of the PSA is to accompany the centre coordinators in the management of the centre, families, and the team.

To ensure a quality service, the agent brings suggestions, strategies, and recommends pedagogical tools to the educators. For children with challenges, they accompany the educators as well as the coordinator in the elaboration and implementation of support plans, and accompanies teams to meet with families if necessary.

Job Description

  • Support with the needs of the staff and children;
  • Visit the centres to ensure pedagogical quality;
  • Create visit reports with proposals for improvement and strategies;
  • Be a resource person for the educational staff facing difficulties with interventions;
  • Collaborate with coordinators, support needs regarding continual training and professional development activities;
  • Perform coordinator evaluations in collaboration with the compliance agent;
  • Organise monthly meetings for coordinators in collaboration with the compliance agent;
  • Orient site coordinators and educators by following orientation methods (using the software, among others) in collaboration with the support team;
  • Accompany coordinators and educators to ensure quality francophone pedagogy;
  • Support with planning;
  • Facilitate pedagogical training presentations;
  • Create tools, guides, procedures, and templates for pedagogical practices


The candidate must have a diploma in early childhood:

  • Level 3
  • Or equivalent (fast and simple credentials recognition)


  • Health: This may include medical, dental, and optical coverage
  • Retirement: Certain centres offer the option to contribute to a retirement savings plan.
  • Salary: If the centre is licensed, salary raises are applied to the base salary based on the level of study.
      Level 3: $8.62/hour

Aptitudes and attitudes

  • Leadership (capacity for management and sense of organisation)
  • Creativity
  • Interest in doing research (keep self updated on educational practices)
  • Capacity to transmit knowledge and expertise
  • Autonomy and adaptability
  • Proactivity and sense of initiative
  • Respect and humility
  • Collaborative team spirit
  • Professionalism and work ethic
  • Communication, capacity for self-analysis and accountability
  • Capacity for resolving problems


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