One of the responsibilities of the coordinator is to accompany and support their team in their role as co-learner with the children. They have the mandate of shaping the educators so that their educational practices reflect those of the pedagogical framework in the goal of offering families a high quality service.

Further, the coordinator handles the administrative management of the centre, which includes communications with families and the childcare program support service (SSG), the organisation of monthly activities, managing schedules, hiring staff, managing substitutes, and the global management of the centre. They are supported by the agents of the SSG in order to be properly equipped in their role as leader.

Job Description

  • Ensure the safety, health, and well-being of the children and offer them an adapted environment
  • Accompany, support, and equip educators with tools
  • Coordinate parental engagement
  • Work in partnership with the families and resource persons
  • Encourage their team to reflect on educational practices in place and the children’s needs
  • Ensure the space’s compliance with licensing standards
  • Keep hours records up to date for pay and subsidies
  • Make schedules and manage absences
  • Coordinate the welcoming of and global communications with families


The candidate must have a diploma in early childhood:

  • Level 2 (with proof of commitment to complete their Level 3)
  • Level 3
  • Or equivalent (free and simple credentials recognition) 


  • Health: This may include medical, dental, and optical coverage
  • Retirement: Certain centres offer the opportunity to contribute to a retirement savings fund
  • Salary: If the centre is licensed, salary raises are applied to the base salary according to the level of study.
      Level 2: $5.05/hour
      Level 3: $8.62/hour

Aptitudes and Attitudes

  • Leadership
  • Capacity to transmit knowledge and expertise
  • Willingness to continually improve
  • Autonomy
  • Proactivity and sense of initiative
  • Respect and humility
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Professionalism and work ethic
  • Communication, self-analysis and accountability
  • Senses of management and organisation


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