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Who We Are

Horizon, a department of the FPFA

The Fédération des parents francophones de l’Alberta (FPFA / “Federation of Francophone Parents of Alberta”) decided to take on a leadership role on behalf of francophone educational childcare services and put in place an efficient support mechanism to respond to the francophone community’s needs by creating a management support service for early childhood learning and care centres, the Horizon department.

The primary goal of Horizon is to offer immediate support to francophone educational childcare services in Alberta and to help parents to find a place in francophone educational daycares.

All of the childcare services in the Horizon repertoire are managed by the FPFA in collaboration with each centre’s Parents’ Society. The principal objective is to allow every child to evolve as a distinct person and to develop in a francophone environment.

Learning occurs through play, based on the needs and interests of the child. Our pedagogical vision of the child is based on “the image of the child as a powerful learner and a citizen”. Centres propose group activities, workshops, free play, and collaboration with other partners to favour creativity and exploration.

Each centre’s program is inclusive and responds to the needs of all of the children, including those with special needs. The child must feel accepted, comfortable, and respected. We wish that each child develops their self-confidence, acquires the autonomy they need, and finds the answers within themselves to the difficulties they encounter.

The centres believe:

o  That children may learn to communicate in the French language and be supported in their growth and emotional, social, creative, cognitive, and physical development in an environment that favours active learning, autonomy, freedom, and the senses of responsibility and order.
o  That the children’s growth happens in strict collaboration with parents and educational staff. The centre favours the learning and global development of children in an inclusive and multicultural environment.
o  That parents are the primary educators of their child. They have a responsibility to work in collaboration with the educational childcare service’s staff for their child’s well-being.

By partnering with the FPFA’s Horizon department, each centre aims to offer a quality service and program to the francophone families of Alberta.


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